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If Tolkien and King did lunch . . . 

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Steve W. Vera wrote his first story on the backs of forty-seven restaurant placemats at the age of eleven, and hasn’t put the pen down since. His passion is in the realm of fantasy and all of its sub-genres, including high, dark, and urban.

Steve was born and raised in West Hartford, Connecticut, but has since lived in eight states and traveled to many more. His career began in the Air Force as a Pararescue Trainee, but later shifted to the family business of the culinary arts. In between writing marathons at the corner cafe and deep-wood cabins, he conducts research as a captain in a Michelin-starred restaurant.

What better to accompany a good book than a great glass of wine?

Steve lives in Sunnyside, New York City with his girlfriend and their good-for-nothing furball, Sergeant Skip. 

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The Last of the Shardyn

The Debut Trilogy


“Reads like vintage Dean Koontz–fast-paced and suspenseful.”

— DD Barant, author of the THE BLOODHOUND FILES series



Book One of The Last of the Shardyn

Montana police chief Skip Walkins is hot on the trail of a murder suspect when his investigation turns otherworldly—he witnesses a drifter free the Lord of the Underworld. Seventeen years ago, five knights from Earth’s magical twin, Theia, entombed Asmodeous the Pale, Lord of the Drynn, in Skip’s town. Now that the dark god is free again, he’s anxious to get back home and finish the war he began…to enslave all life. It begins with killing the knights who trapped him.

Deprived of their magic, the knights fight back using whatever they can get their hands on, from samurai swords to assault rifles. Skip gets reluctantly drawn in to their struggle while Donovan Smith, the demi-god murderer whom Skip was after in the first place, plots to find the Lord of the Underworld and butcher him on his own.

Together, these unlikely heroes might just save the world.
If they don’t kill each other first.

In the Making

In the Making

If Gordon Ramsay set up shop in Middle Earth...

Down-on-his-luck culinary savant HARDIGAN STREY wants desperately to become nobility. It’s the only way he can marry the woman of his dreams, the delectable MARQUESS AMANDINE. For any other mortal, such an aspiration would not only be absurd, it would be downright dangerous, but for Hardigan Strey, danger is just an appetizer!


It'll take a plan of course, something brilliant and bold, a plan that will allow Hardigan to unleash his greatest talent upon an unsuspecting world... 

His cooking. 

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Follow the Journey

Follow the Journey . . .


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Literary Agent: Sara Megibow at KT Literary.

For blurb requests, email Sara at

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